Think Twice Before Deciding Who to Take Out

Recently, a junior executive who runs his own company approached me for advice. He was facing a dilemma concerning a long-standing chief in his organization. This chief had been a pillar of strength for the company, but personal issues were beginning to affect their work and potentially impacting others in the organization.

The junior executive was contemplating whether it was time to ask the chief to resign.

Consider the Importance

The first question to ask is, “Can we afford to lose him?” After a moment of silence, the junior executive acknowledged that the company would be in trouble without the chief’s presence. This realization highlights the chief’s value and the need to approach the situation carefully.

Believing in Change

The next question to address is whether we believe the chief can change. If there is faith in their potential for growth, it is essential to have an open conversation. Clearly communicate the concerns and offer support to help them overcome their personal challenges. Providing assistance and resources can empower the chief to address their problems and make positive changes.

Having a Contingency Plan

Lastly, it is crucial to ask, “Do we have a contingency plan in place?” Regardless of whether the chief can transform their behavior, a backup plan should always be in existence. This ensures the organization’s survival and stability, even if the chief’s situation does not improve.

The Importance of Deliberation

When faced with the decision of removing a key figure from an organization, it is vital to think twice. Consider the importance of their contributions, believe in the potential for change, and have a backup plan. Rushing into decisions can have unintended consequences and disrupt the overall functioning of the company.

By taking the time to evaluate the situation, communicate openly, and have a contingency plan, organizations can make informed decisions that promote growth and stability.